Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to my lovely Mom

She was 22 years old when I (the first born) made her a mom in 1978.  She kissed all my boo boos, made me healthy homemade food, sewed pretty dresses for me and introduced me to Musicals.  She supported my hopes and dreams and has always been a shoulder to cry on when I needed her.  I remember her sewing when I was young and always having sweet homemade gifts to give- it has inspired me to be the sewer I am today.  Though she is not a quilter and I can't follow a pattern to save my life we have found common ground and appreciation in each others talents over the years.  There is nothing more special to me then a cup of tea (cuppa) and a long chat with mom.  Today is her birthday- 56 years young and I wish I could be there to hug her.  I miss you mom- and look forward to spending more time together soon.  I have a present in the works for you but it isn't ready for pictures yet, so instead I show a picture of us with my Dad and my two dogs Moose and Juki.  This was a happy memory, their first time meeting my two precious baby puppies.  And I also share our favorite tea- Swee-touch-nee, a kosher tea that you may find in the Grocery store, but you can definitely get on Amazon if not.  It is THE BEST black tea- and if you enjoy a cuppa with your mom or daughter then this tea is just perfect.  Hope you have a great birthday Mom, I love you.

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  1. I love you very much and thank you for the wonderful words on my birthday. I will drink a cup as well and wish you were here.