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Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog!  My name is Molly Hanson, I have been quilting for 10 years now and what started as a hobby, quickly became a passion and is now turning into a career for me- so I hope you will follow along on this fun journey with me.  For me sewing and making were always a part of life, I grew up in a home where handmade was best- my mom was my hero on her sewing machine, making me pretty outfits when we couldn't afford store bought ones- and always making sure I had something nice to give away for friends birthdays and such.  She made with love and I aspired to be just like that one day.  Fast forward to my early twenties and all the sudden I started having nieces and nephews arriving- and I had a very intrinsic need to celebrate these new lives with handmade love.  Nothing else would do in my mind.  Though I had watched mom and done a little hand sewing I was basically a novice and decided a quilt was what I wanted to try.  I made my first patchwork quilt- though it was wonky and imperfect it is still being used and loved to this day- I taught myself as I went, used the internet and books as resources when I couldn't figure things out myself- and learned how to be a quilter.  After 5 years or so of sewing and quilting I learned of an apron making contest hosted by Bernina and Burda Style- where the prize was a new Bernina Activa 210 sewing machine!  I decided I was going to win that machine and by golly my apron got first place- that was one of the most exciting moments of my sewing life- and it inspired me to take it all much more seriously.  One thing I never got into was following patterns- From my very first quilt I always just went with what I pictured in my head- and that strong drive toward design led me to explore that side further.  As a result I have started making patterns for magazines and websites and hope to offer patterns for sale to the public very soon.  A few years ago I decided it was time to learn Free Motion Quilting.  I got a darning foot and in my typical style I just went for it- watched and learned what I could but generally taught myself through trial and error.  I loved every second of learning fmq and look forward to getting to quilt my quilts more then I look forward to sewing- which says a lot!  I am now offering a quilting service where I will quilt your quilt top for you, so please contact me for more details if you are interested.  I hope you will take the time to drop me a line or leave a comment on a post to say hello and thanks for stopping by!

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