Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quilt Expo was so much fun!

I got back from lecturing at Quilt Expo and had the best time.  Of course getting to bring Grandma with me to a big quilt show is a guarantee of a good time, so no surprise there.  Wisconsin is a beautiful state filled with lovely kind people, I met so many wonderful folks! It was a pleasure to get to see Nancy Zieman again and meet some new friends in the BERNINA booth.  I loved getting to demo free motion quilting on the show floor- it was a great way to meet people and show them what I am so passionate about.  I really loved doing the lectures every day.  So many wonderful people came to hear me talk about free motion quilting and I have to say getting to teach them more about my passion was addicting.  I am already looking for more opportunities to teach.  I saw so much talent on display in this show, I snapped just a few photos, but wish I had more to share.  If you ever get the chance to attend this show I recommend it wholeheartedly!

love the fabric and design of this quilt
look at the tiny detailed FMQ... amazing! (fingers are for scale)
getting my demo on!
love every single thing about this quilt....
the huge show... this pic doesn't do it justice...
Grandma and I celebrating after the last lecture... on a job well done!


  1. Molly I have a really cute photo of us at Expo to add to your album. I will be delighted to send it. Joanie Zeier Poole

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