Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Curve Ruler Trial... Pillow Sham #1

I got my new quick curve ruler for Christmas, and ever since I have been chomping at the bit to try it out.  As I was finishing up my Christmas quilt I was dreaming of all the curves I could put into designs- and how many millions of possibilities there were.  The daydreaming came thick and several times my dear Jeff would wake me into reality saying "earth to Molly"  "heeeellllooo".  Yup when I am not quilting I am probably thinking or daydreaming about my next project... that is just the way it goes with me.  Anywho.... I finally finished the Christmas quilt and it was time to pull that sucker out and give her a whirl.  And my stack of Saltwater by Tula Pink fat quarters.  And the fear set in.  I have never successfully pieced a curve before... how can I cut up this GORGEOUS fabric without a little practice first.  I knew I could do it, but I also felt like a little practice never hurt anyone, soooo I got out some leftover fat quarters I had from Joel Dewberrys Heirloom collection- which I used earlier this year to make a bed quilt for us.  I had been meaning to make a few matching pillow shams ever since and since it was just for us and didn't have to be perfect I thought it would be the perfect project to practice the ruler on.  I played with a few different layouts but ultimately went with a chain type design that is similar to the free pattern you get with the ruler.  I have to say it was even easier then I expected and since you get so much wiggle room to square up your blocks I both shams pieced in just a few hours.  They came together really well- but I would have used fabric with a higher contrast to show off the curves if I had it to do over.  Now of course I could have just put backs on them and left well enough alone.  I could have.  But that just wouldn't be me.  So I decided to quilt them.  I couldn't resist.  I just finished the first one and I thought I would share the results... The next one is in the works and I will show it as soon as I have it done.  And my verdict on the quick curve ruler?  Buy it.  It is AWESOME. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday Christmas Quilt FInally Finished- well almost!

I was determined to finish my Christmas quilt before the end of February.  I just couldn't stomach the idea of having it linger on until March.  This of course was compounded by the fact that I am super excited about the next quilt I will be making... so get it done I did.  I sewed what felt like hundreds of tiny half square triangles into bows I pieced rows of short and tall presents- I used my new quilting frame and Juki 2000qi to quilt it- and all in all I am very pleased.  This is the first real quilt I have done on the Juki and frame.  I did another practice quilt with some simple stippling to get the feel for the set up and then away I went and for a first attempt I did pretty well.  I learned some lessons along the way and the next one will be even better.  This quilt was made with a layer cake and a charm pack of Dear Mr Claus fabric- and was quick, easy and fun to sew.  If I get any interest I may try to do a tutorial- though it looks great as a Christmas quilt, it would also be great for birthdays- another big time for presents.  That is all I accomplished this week and as soon as I get it bound I will well and truly be done and on to the next!
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