Monday, October 15, 2012

Backpacking Vacation

I just got back from an interesting little mini vacation a few days ago.  We went backpacking and camping in Jennie Lake Wilderness in the Kings/Sequoia National Park.  The trail to Jennie lake is 5 grueling miles where you gain 3000+ feet in elevation.  I say grueling when you are wearing a 40lb pack- not so much when you aren't.  We meant to go for 4 days but as you will see from the pictures below we had an unexpected surprise that meant we had to leave a day early.  Alas it was the dog's first backpacking trip and they did wonderfully- so it was well worth the almost 8 hrs it took us to drive to and from the park.  I will let the pictures do the talking- and must confess the awesome photos were taken by my BF- I am not nearly as talented a photographer as he is.  Hope you enjoy the shots and sorry for no quilty talk in this post.
taking in a nice view on our hike

hiking along

still on the trail taking a rest

Moosey Boy decides he needs a real rest!

first view of the lake

the sun is going down

first thing the next morning filtering water so I can warm up with some tea- brrr it was cold!

King and Queen of the big rock!

Juki girl getting some sun

Moosey is taking in the beauty of the lake

mid morning fishing, what's up with the weather?

Fish On!!!  beautiful wild Rainbow Trout- released safely and still residing in one of the worlds most beautiful lakes!

Why yes, that is hail on Juki's back, seriously what's up with the weather??

Oh my- that is quite a hail storm- ground completely covered!

getting some fishing time- didn't get one this time, but sure had fun trying
Next Morning.... holy cow- 6 inches of snow covering the ground- we better hi-tail it out of here- any more snow and we will never find the trail!

hiking back down- too bad to leave a day early :(

beautiful forest blanketed in snow- so lovely...

Yes, we were expecting the cold weather- but weren't expecting a fire ban in the back country due to a very dry year- it sure didn't mention it on the NPS website, and we definitely weren't expecting snow!  It was a bit difficult to find the trail and stay on it, and yes I did slip on a rock and fall on my bum, but it was sure an adventure and the doggies loved every second of it.  So nice to get away and lots of time to think about sewing.... better get to it!