Thursday, May 2, 2013

Art Gallery Textures Panel Challenge with Angela Walters

When I first heard from Angela that she had a new fabric line coming out- I was naturally over the moon excited for her.  Then I heard what it was going to be called and I really got excited.  Textures.  Perfect.  I love the texture that free motion quilting creates and I loved that she had themed her line after just that.  So when I was asked to participate in the panel challenge I jumped at the chance.  I was already feeling very inspired by the Textures line and I really loved the look of the panel, and making it a true "challenge" - I had never used a panel before for anything- so this was a first and I looked forward to it.

I know I could have made anything for the challenge- but I knew immediately that I wanted to make a quilt, and that I wanted to use my Quick Curve Ruler, and I knew I wanted to keep large pieces of the fabrics on the front of the quilt, and use the panel on the back- to give it a double sided look.  Each fabric got assigned it's own quilting design- which gave it it's own "texture"-  and each 1/4 yard I ordered was cut in half and half was kept uncut and the other half I sliced up with the QCR- and the design just kind of fell into place.  I like that in each row you can see one big piece of the line and little slices of all the other pieces-  and curves give it lots of movement-which combined with the textures- makes it a really fun quilt.  It was also ridiculously fast to piece together- just a few hours!  The back took a bit more thinking as I was unsure of how I wanted to use the panel.  It was so pretty, I just couldn't hack it all up- try as I might.  In the end I used half of it as is for the center square, and used pieces of the rest of it to make the smaller rectangles on the edges.  I also used a bit extra I had to give splashes of it in the binding.  I paired the panel with Cozumel Blue for the back- which I also used for the binding as well.   Another first for me with this quilt was using double batting.  I never have done that before, but I really wanted the texture to jump out at you for this quilt, so I went for it.  I will say I had my issues with it- not as easy to keep tight and basted with no shifting- but if you are careful you can do this in your domestic machine (I did)- though this method would be easier for sure on a long arm.  Overall I am very pleased with the results and hope you all like it too.  Nothing gets my little brain more excited then a creative challenge and I had tons of fun participating in this one- can't wait to see all the amazing things you all make too~


the slices

mod clamshell

all over feathers

wood grain



square stipple


Thanks to Angela Walters and Art Gallery Fabrics for such a great challenge!


  1. Wow Molly, you've outdone yourself! What an amazing quilt, this must've taken you hours and hours and hours!!! You're right, I love the colours and the textures are fantastic.

  2. Love it so much Molly! I just glanced at the pictures on my phone....and assumed you had a longarm machine, but after reading about the quilt, I found out you didn't have one...good job! Love all the different textures and love both sides of your quilt! Your color choice is so great and your curves are fantastic!!