Monday, February 20, 2012

Amy Butler Love all quilted!

Time has not been on my side lately- it has been hard to find the time to complete the quilting on this Amy Butler love quilt- but today my BF had a guest who stayed much longer then expected and I was able to actually finish quilting this quilt.  I am very happy to report that every feather and swirl is all done.  I am very happy with the result.  It is funny how doing a repeated design over and over on a quilt improves ones skills- I can actually see the improvement in both designs from the areas I began to where I ended.  It was great practice for me, and the joy of making quilts for yourself is you have the freedom to not focus on every stitch being perfect but instead really try to grow and improve both speed and precision as you go.  I have loved the quilting process and though usually you would hear me say it was over too soon in this case it went longer then I wanted and I am ready to move onto the next project.  I will say I have had some sew right and so wrong moments with this quilt.  I think the sew right moments were the visible improvement in my designs and the gained speed in which I could accomplish them.  The sew wrong moments were varied- like accidentally having the edge fold over while quilting and having to rip out hundreds of little stitches- not fun.  Or the quilt top itself not being as flat as I normally can achieve based on the fact that every seam is a bias- and even though the back is nice and flat and tight the top is a little bunched in a few areas.  It is fairly minor but made the quilting a bit of a challenge- and basting this quilt was no fun at all due to these small waves.  I always knew I wanted to quilt feathers in the gray areas of the quilt- as I LOVE quilting feathers.  To me a quilt is not as good as it could be without some lovely feathers- this is a personal preference, but this quilt is for me- so feather away!  I wasn't sure what design to use in the print areas- but got some very good advice from the lovely Angela a very very accomplished quilter and personal hero of mine.  I was originally thinking of quilting a meandering stipple in the solid areas, but after looking at my quilt she thought a swirl might look better- and I have to agree that she was right.  When you get advice from a pro like her you have to be glad she is giving you her attention and take it to heart.  I am very glad I did.  I just have to bind this and it will be all ready to live on my couch.  I am so glad to be this far- it was unexpected to get this extra time today but a gift I took full advantage of and phew! done!
back shot

one of my reasons for using contrasting thread is I wanted it to be as pretty from the back as from the front

feathers and swirls in aqua and lime green

the edge on the back
full front shot

thought the feathers pop from the front the swirls are more subtle

block from the front


  1. Wow this is amazing. I cannot believe how incredibly beautiful it turned out. Oh my gosh.

  2. thanks so much- I really appreciate that.