Monday, November 10, 2014

Blog Hop for Free Motion Quilting for Beginners (and those who think they can't)

I am so excited to share more about my book with you all over the coming weeks.  I am even more excited to share with you the perspective of some of my friends and fellow quilters who are participating in a blog hop review of my book.  I have lined up 10 fantastic bloggers on 8 of my favorite blogs to share there thoughts about my book.  Some of these bloggers have never tried Free Motion Quilting before, some of them have tried, become frustrated and were at the point of giving up.  Some of them are very experienced quilters, more experienced then I, and I have asked them to talk about my teaching methods and how they think they might work, and other suggestions they might have to add.  I hope to bring you all a very honest and well rounded look at my book from many different perspectives, and I really hope to encourage you to try free motion quilting if you haven't already, and if you already do love free motion quilting I hope you might like some of the patterns in my book that will give you new things to make that feature your lovely quilting.  Below is the list of participating blogs and the dates in the next few weeks they will be blogging.  Please stop by and check them out, I will have a blog post reminder each day the hop is going so if you don't already please follow by email for my blog for updates (under the blog header submit your email address to follow by email) , or my facebook page where I will also be updating with reminders.  

Tomorrow is Martingale Publishings Shop Martingale blog where I was a guest blogger for them and I share a very special story about the book, so please be sure and stop by there to see it!

Thanks to all the participating bloggers and to all of you for following along!
1. Martingale November 11th
2. Amanda Jean November 13th
3. Amy Friend November 14th
4. Angela Walters  November15th 
5. Juliet van der Heijden The Tartankiwi  November 17th
6. Lori Kennedy  November 19th
7. Cindy Weins November 20th
8. Thermoweb November 21st


  1. This will be fun. I am looking forward to it.

  2. I read the blog entry from your Grandma. I tried to free motion quilt for practice once and I totally made a mess. I was stiff and tense. I'll be sure to try again. I know it takes practice. I look forward to your book coming out.

    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth, I really do hope you find the encouragement and help you need with my book!