Thursday, November 13, 2014

Second stop on my blog tour!

Today another lovely blogger Amanda, from Crazy Mom Quilts, is weighing in on my book.  It should be hitting shelves any day now and on my Facebook page I am sponsoring a little contest, the first of you to post a picture of my book actually for sale in a store on my Facebook page will receive a little prize from me.  I am very excited to hear what Amanda thinks of the book and hope you will too!  She is giving away a free copy so be sure and head over to her blog and comment on the Free Motion Quilting for Beginners post to enter to win!  Amanda is a fantastic quilter, author and machine quilter as well.  I found so many posts on her blog with fantastic tips, she even hosts a weekly series where she gives machine quilting tips.  If you are wanting to learn free motion quilting or machine quilting in general she is a great person to learn from and following her blog will provide endless inspiration and knowledge.  I know you will love her work as much as I do!

Tomorrow I will be back with Grandma to weigh in on how we each approach binding quilts (which is quite different, as she isn't lazy and I am ahem..) anyhow if you want to see some fun takes on the proper way, and the lazy way to bind your quilts then come back tomorrow!

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  1. It was great, i love seeing other peoples perspective. She made coasters, what a great idea for a sweaty iced tea glass. Be sure to scroll down on her blog and see how quilters measure snow.