Thursday, November 20, 2014

a COLORFUL stop on the blog hop today... Meet Cindy!

Hi Friends, I am so excited to share with you my next blog hop- Cindy from Live a Colorful Life.  Cindy and I met at my very first quilt market because I recognized her and was a big fan of her blog so I basically accosted her in the aisle and got all fan girl on her, while her husband Mark watched on with much entertainment.  Apparently I was the first to recognize her from her blog and stop her to meet her- like ever- which amazes me because she has quite the following of very loyal fans!  Cindy is one of the warmest and kindest people I know, I am always trying to talk her into adopting me.  She has very much wanted to learn FMQ and I very much wanted to be the one to teach her.  While I still hope to get the chance to give her a few lessons in person getting my new book to her seemed like the perfect chance to see my book through a beginners eye.  She was very excited to participate and even plans to make all the projects in the book- which pleases me very much.  Click over to her blog to get to read more of our story and her thoughts on my book- and another chance to enter to win a free copy of my book, and keep an eye on Cindy and her blog in the future for lots more fun collaboration between her and I as she ventures out on her free motion quilting journey.  Thanks for stopping by, and check back on Saturday for the last stop on my blog tour- where we get to hear from 3 bloggers in one stop at Thermowebs Blog. 


  1. I have tried free motion quilting a little. I am not very confident yet. I have a stack of sandwiches next to my machine and every time I sit down to sew I try to fmq. I do believe that practice makes perfect but I am not there yet. I have a few tops that I am chicken to try fmq on yet. Your book looks like it is full of great ideas. I love the pebbling and M on your website. They look great. Thanks for offering your book.

  2. Thank you, Molly. You made my day. I'm so SUPER proud of you!!