Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Quilt Market part 3

So one of my very favorite moments at Quilt Market was getting to look at and play with the Bernina sewing machines.  I have been a Bernina girl since I won one of their sewing machines in an apron making contest about 5 years ago.  Winning that machine was such a life changer for me, it gave me so much confidence, and with a top quality machine I noticed my sewing just looked better.  I never had to fight the machine to get it to work right and so I could just focus on getting better and better at sewing and quilting.  It is a tiny little Activa 210, but it sure does the job and boy do I love that machine.  Needless to say there have been quite a lot of improvments and changes made in the past 5 years.  One of the biggest was Bernina's announcement that they have a new long arm and mid arm quilting machines coming out!  I couldn't wait to get my hands on the one they brought to show off at market.  Boy was it a beauty, felt more like a sports car then a long arm and in the best possible way.  I think getting to "drive" that machine will feel like a sports car too!  They won't be out until next year or so, so this was just a fun sneak peek, but I loved to get the preview!  Sure was a funny realization to see that my current machine would fit inside the throat space of the new long arm!

I also got to play around with the new 700 series machines- and they are so gorgeous!  I loved the 710 I sewed and quilted on- with features galore that will take some real getting used to- and a throat space that is down right enviable- I could really get used to sewing and quilting on one of those!  Ahh a girl can dream can't she?   Judy Hahner, one of the wonderful woman who work at Bernina, was kind enough to take some pictures of all my gallivanting for me- hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow - I didn't know they were introducing long arm and mid arms. It makes sense though. I just upgraded to a 710 and I love it!

  2. How exciting to get a sneak peak! You look quite marvelous sitting in the driver seat and it is a natural fit for you. :)