Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Finishes Make Way for 2014 Starts

2013 was by far the busiest sewing year of my life, I say that with supreme certainty.  I went through miles of thread this year, miles and miles.... and most of the things I have made cannot be shared yet unfortunately.  I was a bit discouraged by this when thinking of a year wrap up.  To be honest, it has been awfully hard to blog (as is evidenced by my lack thereof) in the past year because I have been so busy making or quilting secret stuff that I rarely had time to make things that I could share.  I had almost abandoned the idea of a year wrap up when I was flipping through my picture files and saw many items that I had made this year- and thought, oh stop whining and share what you can!  The good news is that bit by bit, in 2014 I will have lots and lots fun stuff to share- and I absolutely cannot wait!  So goodbye 2013, you were very good to me, and hello 2014, I am very much looking forward to you! 


  1. Not one person comes into our home that does not comment on the guitar and lyrics wall hanging pictured above that you made for your dad. It is the focal point of the living room and everyone loves to take time to read lyrics and talk about the amazing detail on it.

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  3. I've missed you! Wow what gorgeous projects you've been creating, I can' believe the guitar with lyrics, it looks phenomenal!
    How're you doing friend? Can't wait to hear more about your secret projects. Hope 2014 treats you well. J x

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