Tuesday, January 17, 2012

unconventional binding

So I got my quilt all bound and finished.  I have chosen an unconventional binding method that I have grown to really love.  I have done several quilts and small projects like place mats this way- and besides being very easy I really love the look as well.  Instead of sewing a folded strip around the edge of the quilt and then hand sewing it to the other side- the traditional method- I have found that if I trim the back of the quilt exactly 1 inch wider then the front all the way around I can then make a half inch fold and then fold again on the front.  I then sew the edge of the binding down with my machine, which means no hand sewing.  The trick is that when you come to the corners you have to take the folded edges and fold the corner toward the middle- so that leaves you the right angle for a mitered corner.  This really is an easy way to bind your quilts and the nice thing is that the back then wraps around the front to frame your quilt nicely.  With this particular quilt I did some fun piecing on the back which is very nice to see on the edges of the front of the quilt.  One of the things I have found through my experience in quilting is that if a particular method doesn't work for you then it isn't very hard to find an alternative option.  I encourage everyone to do what works for them and to not be afraid to try new things and break away from convention- you might just find a great new technique that works really well for you!

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