Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to my furry babies!

Oh the joy my puppies have brought to my life- words cannot express.  Today they turned 3 years old and I can't stop thinking about all the happy memories and times they made me smile when I felt no smile was possible.  To think that we found them about to be given to a shelter living in a back yard at 4 months old- never having been invited inside a home, not knowing their names, and being generally very afraid of humans- just blows my mind.  With lots of love and care we taught them all they need to know about being happy puppies and every day they return the favor 10 fold.  I am a truly blessed mom.  So today we celebrate them with an extra long walk in the park, some new squeaky toys, and best of all their favorite home made treats.  Our guys have a sensitivity to grain, so we make them treats rather then buy expensive grain free treats at boutique pet stores.  Their absolute favorite is chicken breast, sweet potato and chicken liver- which we food process until it is a smooth paste, then dehydrate in a Nesco American Harvest food dehydrator- until it becomes cracker texture.  They absolutely love it and though it costs around 10 dollars per batch we get 2-3 weeks of treats- so it is a very good deal.  Happy birthday to my Juki girl (yes I did name her after my Juki Serger) and Moosey boy aka Good Buddy- and many many more!

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