Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Exciting Mail!!

Monday morning started out just like every other Monday, but my whole day got made after my guy made a trek out to the mail box.  He was smiling very sweetly when he came back through the front door and whipped a package out from behind his back.  He said- it's from your publisher, could it be your advance copy?  Needless to say I wasn't expecting it so soon and was totally surprised to find that indeed it was my advance copy!  I now have a copy of my book all bound and fancy just like you all will get to see it- it makes it all feel that much more real.  I am so excited to share more of it with you in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately Grandma won't be able to join us for a Friday chat this week as Grandpa isn't feeling well and she is busy tending to him, but hopefully next week she will be back to share more with us.

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