Friday, February 21, 2014

Customer Quilt sneak peek....

I soooo wish I could show you the front of this absolutely beautiful quilt, but sadly it will have to wait as it will be in a book later this year.  I didn't design the quilt, a fabric designer friend of mine did... I will keep it all under wraps until she gives me the go to tell you more- but for now I just had to share the back, which is my favorite part due to the unique pattern the quilting created and the high contrast of the thread to show it off.  She asked for organic straight lines and hills- I didn't try too hard to make all the lines straight or evenly spaced-as the organic feel would then be lost- I just kept my shoulders loose and tried to stay in the zone and quilted my little heart out.  I so love how it came out... hope you do too!