Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quilt Market recap... about 2 weeks late.

Okay- so you have seen the pictures and heard the stories already.  I know, I am really late.  I promised you all an update as soon as I returned, but I returned a week later then everyone else because I took the opportunity to visit the nieces and nephews while up in the Northwest.  Then I had a lot of catching up to do.. and you know how it goes.  You see, being at quilt market is awesome because you meet super cool people who have amazing opportunities to offer you, but once home following up and executing these things take up time... and lots of it.  But in the best possible way- being busy is very good for me right now.  SO even though this is all old news by now here are my favorite pics from market- enjoy or yawn and skip them, I don't blame you.
Tula Pink's booth

this quilt was ahhhhmazing

henna tattoo ala Angela Walters... I got the first one and a full sleeve... you know you are jealous!

cute bag in Tula's booth

Heather Baileys booth with real grass!

Angela tatooing with henna markers

Emily Cier and Angela

Bari J's booth was one of my favorites

the appliqued detail on the hemline was breathtaking

best booth- loved it!

holy cow! I mean swan!

Carnaby Street booth, won a blue ribbon!

Angela's booth- so much fun- sure miss all the friends I made!


  1. These booths are all so beautiful. Looks like you had a great time.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Wow this all looks amazing! It must have been so cool to be there and in the thick of it!!! I hope that you got lots of amazing opportunities out of it and made lots of useful contacts.