Friday, June 28, 2013

My Studio Space

I realized recently that I have never properly shown my studio space where I create and quilt every day.  I should preface this by saying I live in a small home- not that I am complaining- I love our home, my guy Jeff has been vacationing at the house we live in since he was a very young boy.  His Grandmother had our house built, and lived here until she passed- since it has been in his family for generations, and we have the luck of having lived here for the past 10 years.  But small it is, we have 2 bedrooms, one which we use, and one is dedicated to our business.  That leaves a corner in the living room for me and my overflowing quilty items.  A year ago I had the good fortune of coming across the shelf set pictured at a thrift shop.  The price was right and the size was perfect, so we decided to go for it, rent a truck, and my current studio was born.  I love all the new space I have, but it didn't take but a few minutes once it was here and in place to realize that I had more stuff then space.  I have done my best to organize and find a home for all the essentials.  A lot of what I have lives in bins in the garage though, alas, one day I will have a big studio with it's own door and lots and lots of shelf space.  Until then, I will be glad to have what I have and in the famous words of Tim Gunn " make it work people!" 

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  1. I just love studio peeks--so I'm really glad you shared your space. How cool to live in a house that has been in the family for such a long time!