Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP WEDNESDAY measure once cut twice...

This week's worth of sewing has been precipitated by a huge amount of waiting for fabric to arrive.... sigh.  I started the week by finishing up my second pillow sham in Joel Dewberry's Heirloom fabrics- I have it pictured below along with some pics of the quilt I made for our bed which I haven't pictured yet.  It came out great and I had a fun time quilting ferns for the first time in the center.  I then moved to working on my Tula Pink Saltwater quilt.  I started cutting and got a little carried away- and cut 6 blocks wrong... which prompted me to order 4 new FQs of those prints so I could remake them.. and then wait a week for it to get here.  I then was contacted by a very good bloggy friend with a super secret special request- for which she would send me the fabrics... again more waiting.  So finally this past weekend everything got here and I got the super secret project done (more on that soon... I promise) and the Saltwater quilt is half done too... Looks like next week will be a quilting week- which to me are the best weeks.  Hope you all had a great sewing week, can't wait to see what everyone has done!

Saltwater quilt sneak peek

Our bed quilt, made in November for our 10th anniversary- he came up with the minimal design- I made and quilted the quilt.

I did some crosshatch in the middle along with a half feather surrounding the "bricks"

the top and bottom each have a long feather design with a chain design and figure eights, I also did some large areas in pebbles.

the new pillow sham- unfortunately the curved piecing gets lost in the patchwork as the fabrics don't have enough contrast.

my very first fern.

the new sham-

the first sham I made


  1. Your quilting really is quite lovely! I love the bed quilt, and the shams are great!

  2. Amazing. Now if you can keep the dogs off of it, naaa, I guess they will enjoy it too.

  3. The pillow is beautiful! Love the colors and quilting. I just finished a coral salt water quilt, and will be starting an aqua salt water quilt soon. It is fun to see what others are doing with the same fabric!

  4. Such beautiful quilting - I love the fern pattern!

  5. Good job for trying something new! Your quilting looks great.