Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Love Theme Pillow Inspiration for 2015 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Hello Everyone, I am so sorry I have been absent for the past week.  I got sick and have a very big deadline for a super secret project coming right up, so I have been a bit busy behind the scenes over here.  But things are getting done and I am feeling better and I thought I would share a pillow and a blog post I did a few years back as many of you are hopefully thinking about your Love Theme pillows for the January part of the 2015 Free Motion Quilting Challenge with Quilt Shop Girl.  I made this pillow when I was much newer to FMQ and it isn't perfect, but I think it was a fun challenge at the time and is a great tutorial for making your own pillow.  Check it out, and maybe you might find some inspiration to make your own.  If you are considering entering the challenge and haven't decided yet I really hope you do, it is a great skill builder for all levels of FMQ and will help you connect with other machine quilters out there, which is so great and a real key to your success as a new quilter. 
click Here to see the blog post showing you how I made this pillow.

In other news Grandma is officially on vacation for the next few weeks and so the thread review I have promised you will have to wait- sorry about that, it was a surprise trip as a gift and I am so excited she gets to spend some time with her sister.  I got the link for a commercial that Brewer Sewing filmed for my book at Fall Quilt Market 2014- I think it is pretty fun, and even though you can tell I am uncomfortable in front of the camera, hopefully it helps detail what the book is all about.  Let me know in the comments if you are entering Quilt Shop Gals FMQ Challenge.  I would love to see your pillow if you do, so please shoot me an email, or contact me on my Facebook Page and let me see!  Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Just wanted to leave you a note on how much I enjoyed your spots on Sewing With Nancy. In fact, I ordered the DVD and book from Nancy's Notions, and have already stippled my first table runner! To be fair, the stippling stinks and will NOT be allowed near anyone who quilts, but I'm just proud of myself for trying it....and I'm already on to number TWO. :)

  2. Hi Molly I just purchased your book free motion quilting for beginners. Can't wait to try out the projects