Thursday, December 18, 2014

Revealing the Surprise... a guest apperance on the Nancy Zieman Show! and the giveaway winner is announced!

Thanks to all who participated in the book giveaway last Friday and throughout the weekend.  I asked everyone to give their best guess as to where Grandma and I got to go and who we got to meet that was very special in the sewing and quilting industry.  You all had some great guesses, ranging from famous designers/quilters like Tula Pink or Angela Walters- both of whom I have had the privileged of getting to meet, and Angela is a great friend of mine, so no not that... and some of you thought of Ricky & Alex and their excellent Quilt Show, no not that, some of you thought I had met with a sewing machine company, but I am already a BERNINA ambassador, so no not that, and a few of you guessed fabric companies, but that isn't it either... one of you guessed it though, and to that person I am going to send a copy of my book  so good work Karen who guessed  Someone special - Nancy Zieman?  so Karen look for an email from me!
and the randomly selected winner of the signed copy I promised in last Friday's post is PamPretties
who commented  Hiya!!! I have no idea---still too new to the quilting world to guess, but would love to have that book, lol. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam.  Pam I have contacted you through your email for the shipping info.  And to everyone who guessed thanks so much for participating!

So now for the exciting news- I got to film 2 episodes of Sewing with Nancy this past September, one of which is available to view for free online HERE and the second one will be live next week. You can read about it on Nancy's Blog too.  I am beyond excited to share more about the experience and how much fun Grandma and I had, but I figured I would save that for our Friday Chat tomorrow so you could hear both of our perspectives.  I will say it was an honor and a privileged and Nancy was as wonderful as she seems on camera and warm and welcoming as one possibly could be.  I am most excited for you all to have a visual of what the stitching looks like and sketching looks like in action for several of the designs in my book.  I feel that these two programs coupled with my book provide an excellent resource for the brand new beginner to see the speed, the movements the way I set up my machine, as well as the patterns and teaching provided in my book, which takes what I showed in the program further and details it more.  Nancy Zieman is offering a DVD copy of the shows as well as a package of the book & DVDs together with some quilting essentials I like, for those of you who would like to own a copy.  These programs are available to view online anytime for free and I do hope you all get to check it out, and that you find it helpful to see what I am teaching in action.   Be sure to come back tomorrow to hear much more about the filming, the process and a few fun pictures of behind the scenes courtesy of Grandma. 

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  1. Hiya!!! You just made a much better day out of a not so good day. Thank you so much!!! I haven't received the email yet, will be on the lookout for it. I'll put the book to good use. Thanks again, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com