Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Glory Quilt for Operation Homefront

Scott Hansen of Blue Nickle Studio approached me just over a month ago with a request for quilting.  I had recently had the opportunity to meet Scott at quilt market this past Spring and was very interested to see what he had for me to work on.  He forwarded pictures of the New Glory quilt he designed and pieced for the Quilted in Honor project for Operation Homefront.  He was looking for some modern quilting so support and not overwhelm the design - and the thought it deserved a custom job.  I couldn't have been more excited to get my hands on it- such great wonky lines- I have never done a truly wonky quilt before this one, and was just so excited to have a blast with it.  I kept the quilting to a few designs- pebbles, swirls, rope, stars and a box in box design- choosing the designs was the hardest decision- I was really toying with the idea of another direction completely- but this one won out and I think it highlights his piecing better- which was the ultimate goal.  Please take some time to read more about Scott's quilt on his blog
Here are some pictures that I took of the New Glory Quilt before I sent it back to Scott- but go over to his blog to see much better pictures of it all finished!

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  1. Your banner just hit my eye wrong. Is that photo upside down? Or are those spools of thread somehow hanging from the bottom of a shelf?