Monday, March 5, 2012

See my guest post at my good friends blog

One of the best things about blogging thus far for me has been the friends and connections I have made.  Angela is a fine example of this.  For any of you who aren't aware of this fabulous and quite famous long arm quilter please do stop by her blog and check out her fantastic work.  She quilts many quilts for fabric designers and pattern makers including one of my favorites- Tula Pink.   She even has a book about her quilting and her work has been featured in many other books as well as magazines.   She is a true inspiration to me- making a great career doing what she loves- which I soon hope to do too.  She has encouraged me to start quilting professionally which gave me the courage I needed to go for it.  Her advice has been priceless and her charming open and responsive nature has at times left me in awe.  I am sure we all have heros- but seldom do they measure up when we finally get the honor of meeting them- Angela is different- she is warmer and nicer then I ever could have dreamed.  That is a great feeling.  She spends a great deal of time on her blog helping others realize their dreams in free motion quilting- so if you are interested in learning or are already on that path then make sure you take some time to follow her blog and gain some great advice. 
With a little nudge from her last week I finally decided to go ahead and announce that I would now be quilting for hire- and she took it one step further.  She has allowed me to be a part of her Deciding What to Quilt series and linked to me on her blog, as well as announced my new venture to her large following.  I feel so fortunate for this amazing opportunity and you can see how I weighed in on the challenge over at  Check it out and please don't laugh at my terrible sketches- at least it gives an idea of what I found was very hard to explain.  Also don't hesitate to reach out to your heros- and keep dreaming big- you never know what might come your way next!


  1. loved your ideas for this small pieces quilt. Great job Molly. I am so excited for you new adventure. You see things that other people just do not see.

  2. That is awesome!! You are an inspiration to creative people everywhere.